About us...

Cocoa Forest chocolate boutique was founded by Ya’ara Kalmanovitz who left a promising law career to fulfil her dream of breaking social barriers with chocolate. Today, the Cocoa Forest employs dozens of youth at risk, new immigrants and disabled adults to work at our production facility.

Cocoa Forest has developed a wide range of chocolate products including pralines, unique chocolate bars and chocolate-based spreads. Our favorites are salted Carmel, Basil ganache, Chai masala, Hot Chili, Coffee, etc.

Besides the production the "Cocoa Forest” provides several workshops for children, adults & professional needs. Cocoa Forest vision is to expand and offer tasty chocolate that is vegan, paleo & healthy, to suit any taste and budget.

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יער הקקאו רח' פועלי צדק 2 תלפיות ירושלים
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